Who We Are

The Studio

Earth & Thorn is an intentional floral studio dedicated to an elevated experience with an affinity for artistry and connection to nature. We are there from beginning to end, from floral design inception to wedding day execution, and present at all the in-betweens. Forming connections with our clients is a place of pride for us. We provide inspiration for your vision with the experience and skills to make it happen. Our process is full of gratitude and soul. 

Owner & Lead Designer

Caitlin (aka "Cat") is a floral artist who has designed installations at some of the most iconic Arkansas architectural masterpieces and landmarks such as Crystal Bridges, Arkansas Museum of Fine Art, Anthony Chapel and the Buffalo National Forest. Known for her organic modern touch, she began her journey out at a Northwest Arkansas flower farm and apprenticed under established floral designer, Pam Pemberton. Now designing across the United States and expanding into international projects, the full journey of Earth & Thorn is the cultivation of endless prayer. As a brain tumor survivor, Earth & Thorn is how she gives thanks for her full recovery. It is an invitation to engage with nature: care for it, create with its beauty, and cultivate memories around it. She believes life and love is worth celebrating.

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Our philosophy

If flowers carry prayers...

Maybe that's why we send flowers to those who are sick and to those who are grieving.

Maybe the prayers of our families adorn our ceremonies and are held in her hand as she walks down the aisle.

Maybe flowers are manifestations of our deepest dreams, living symbols of hope for the future.

Maybe flowers hold more power than we can imagine as they feed the bees.

Maybe flowers are the closest symbol to humanity. All of our different colors and the frailty of life.

Maybe one flower is a strong enough symbol of peace to stop an army of tanks fueled by war.

If flowers carry prayers...


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